Student listening to webinar

Sharing the kindness

On 24 November 2018, over 100 veterinary students from…
Amy Martin

Addressing the emotional impact of veterinary practice

Schwartz Rounds provide a safe, reflective forum for clinical…


Stuart Reid, Mind Matters Initiative Chair There is something…

Success comes from failure

A new initiative, created by the Association of Veterinary Students (AVS)

Me and #AndMe

Louise Freeman, Vice-Chair of the Doctors’ Support Network The…

Glasgow Vet School Wellbeing Campaign

Lucy Irvine (right) & Erin Thomson (left), Co-Presidents,…

Supporting others; supporting yourself

Helen Sanderson, former VPMA President and MMI Taskforce member.…
Nick Stuart

Why I started the SPVS/MMI Wellbeing Awards

Nick Stuart, Senior Vice-President, Society of Practising Veterinary…

Mind Matters presents in Sweden

Neil Smith, Mind Matters Initiative Chair The organisers of…