MMI Research Symposium 2021

  • Wednesday 24 November 2021, 10am-4pm
  • Registration cost: £10

The Third Mind Matters Initiative Research Symposium will bring together researchers from around the globe working on the wellbeing and mental health of veterinary professionals.

The plenary, When It is Darkest: Understanding Suicide Risk, will be led by Rory O’Connor PhD FAcSS, Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, President of the International Association for Suicide Prevention and a Past President of the International Academy of Suicide Research. Rory leads the Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory at Glasgow, one of the leading suicide/self-harm research groups in UK. He also leads the Mental Health & Wellbeing Research Group at Glasgow.

Research talks include work on racism and mental health, moral injury in veterinary professionals, veterinary nurse mental health, cyber-bullying, farm vets’ mental health, intern and resident wellbeing, student mental health awareness teaching, job satisfaction, burnout and more.

With expert talks, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions, we’re inviting you to become a part of the conversation.

Campfire Chats

  • Monday 29 November 2021, 7pm-8pm – Men’s Mental Health
  • Monday 13 December 2021, 7pm-8pm – Working Through Winter