Microlearning and the MMI Kite app – Infographic text description

Why only one activity per day?

Encourages sharing to build others skills

Small chunks of information are easier to recall and share with others. Building skills in others as well as our own.

Reduces cognitive overload

The premise of Cognitive Load Theory is that an individual’s working memory has a limited capacity for attending to and processing incoming sensory data. (Sweller 1988). In a world of information overload, Kite aims to counteract the feeling of overwhelm.

Space to implement the activities

Kite activities are small enough that it provides even a few minutes of space to implement and apply to real life.

Repetition creates a daily habit

Over time the goal is to create a daily “Kite” habit at around the same time each day.


The feeling of achieving even something small is good for our wellbeing.

Increases knowledge retention

Research suggests that knowledge retention is significantly increased if small chunks of information are presented on a regular basis and reinforced over spaced intervals of time.