MMI Kite App

Want to be able to look after your wellbeing without it feeling like a chore or something else to add to the list? We understand how stressful life can get for everyone working in the veterinary profession, so are collaborating with The Kite Program, a unique microlearning platform, to create an industry specific app which will become your go-to wellbeing tool.

A wellbeing app which isn’t intrusive or demanding and takes no more than 5 minutes a day.

The Kite Program recently launched Kite Veterinary – the world’s first app-based veterinary wellbeing programme. In collaboration, MMI are delighted to be bringing you a personal app with content specifically designed for UK veterinary professionals.

Unlike general wellbeing apps, MMI Kite App is tailored to allow you to work on your specific needs. You have the power to select which content is most relevant to you at any given time and can learn at your own pace. With input from wellbeing experts and veterinary professionals, MMI Kite App’s unique focus on microlearning will allow you to easily incorporate 5 minutes of personal development into each and every day.

MMI Kite App doesn’t store any personal data – but you will have an individual log in so that you can favourite the content that you’d like to keep.

We’re really excited to announce that MMI Kite App will be launching in September and will be completely free for you to use! Please pre-register for the app below!

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