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MMI Kite App and the Benefits of Microlearning: When slowing down means progressing faster

MMI have collaborated with the Kite Program to bring you MMI Kite App – a wellbeing programme which takes a fresh approach to learning, based on scientific evidence.

We know life can be stressful when it comes to working in the veterinary industry. People from across the profession are often met with information overload and are used to learning in the traditional manner, often involving hours of reading, honing of practical skills, and delving deep into subjects right from the start. Nowadays learning has become especially complex…information is everywhere, and we have unlimited access to thousands of resources…it’s no wonder people are left feeling overwhelmed!

MMI Kite App challenges this learned behaviour which can sometimes exacerbate the stressful nature of the veterinary industry. Your wellbeing definitely shouldn’t feel like something else to add to your ever-expanding to-do list and certainly shouldn’t be causing you more stress (getting stressed out about learning how to cope with stress and improve wellbeing really renders the whole thing pointless). We know how busy you are, and that attending full on wellbeing courses, webinar series, or seminars simply isn’t always achievable. So, we want to introduce you to a new way of learning…

…a way of learning which has been scientifically proven to reduce cognitive overload, increase knowledge retention, and only takes 5 minutes a day…microlearning

What is microlearning?

As the name suggests, microlearning is the delivery of content in bite-sized pieces. Microlearning facilitates self-directed lifelong learning, as short activities can be easily integrated into everyday activities (Buchem & Hamelmann, 2010).

Why microlearning and wellbeing?

It works.

Whilst, understandably, your initial instinct when learning something new and interesting might be to dive straight into the deep end and let your natural curiosity take hold, in the long run, by learning for 5 minutes a day, you are much more likely to:

  1. keep engaged in the topic
  2. be motivated to learn (the initial excitement and sense of novelty which comes with learning something new is much less likely to wear off because you don’t have time to lose interest)
  3. experience noticeable improvements to your wellbeing
  4. create self-care habits
  5. remember more information
  6. be able to share useful tips and tricks with your colleagues (creating space for collaborative creativity)

We’re fully aware that those working in the veterinary professions may find microlearning a tad frustrating at first, as it doesn’t allow you to complete more than one short task in a row (it basically goes against everything you’ve ever known in terms of traditional learning). However, this is exactly the point. Despite only being limited to one activity a day, these micro pieces of content will offer you a boost and become an enjoyable part of your daily routine. You’re completely in control of your learning.

Microlearning isn’t intrusive and is never overwhelming. It’s a whole new stress-free way of learning which has been proven to work and can easily be slotted in around other priorities…

…the science speaks for itself

Microlearning and the MMI App infographic
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Want to try out microlearning and improve your wellbeing? Register for MMI Kite App today! We can’t wait for you to try it out!


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