We run a series of training sessions, such as mental health awareness training, and our mental health for managers course. We also take part in talks at conferences and congresses, to help spread the word about good mental health and wellbeing and to try to break down the stigma attached to mental illness.

If you would like to attend an event or training course, please click on the appropriate link below. If you would like a Mind Matters speaker at one of your events, please contact Lisa Quigley on or 020 7050 1248.

Mental health awareness training

We run a series of mental health awareness training sessions, some of them jointly with the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, for whose extremely generous support we are most grateful.

The training takes the form of either three-hour or one-day sessions, and aims to help you better understand the signs and symptoms of mental ill-health and know how to communicate with people you are concerned about.

It’s not a counselling course, but provides basic information about how to manage important first conversations, and understand how to point people to relevant sources of professional help. It also offers tips on stress management and staying well.

It is well documented that, for all sorts of complex reasons, those within the veterinary profession can sometimes find themselves very vulnerable. It has been proven that information sessions and training around the subject of wellbeing and mental health can be incredibly therapeutic.

The idea is that the more you know and understand about your own mental health the easier it is to empathise and help and support not only yourself but others too.

The programme aims to give participants the knowledge and confidence to recognise signs of the most common mental health issues, and the ability and confidence to facilitate/encourage someone to seek the right help, and to reduce the stigma around mental illness.

This programme allows people to consider their own mental health. It provides an overview of some common mental health problems, causes, symptoms and treatments, and teaches people how to:

  • recognise distress
  • be confident in providing support when issues start to present
  • guide/facilitate a person towards appropriate support
  • recognise self-help strategies
  • recognise why they may feel vulnerable

This course is run by Trevor Bell, who cares passionately about Mental Health and destroying the stigma associated with the subject, which he says is a national disgrace. He set up his own training company in 2005 and it has taken him all over the country delivering bespoke and off the shelf training programmes to help people and organisations increase their literacy in mental health.

Trevor is one of the most respected and successful specialist trainers in the country, working with a list of clients that includes The John Lewis Partnership, Unilever, The Princes Trust, Procter and Gamble, Local Authorities, Civil Service Departments and Boots plc. He is an Associate of Mental Health First Aid England and was invited to the House of Lords in 2014 to receive a special award for the delivery of mental health awareness training and increasing people’s literacy in the subject.

Trevor has delivered mental health awareness training to several hundred members of the veterinary team, as part of the Mind Matters Initiative.

We have completed many sessions of the training course already, and have been bowled over by the positive feedback.

Resilience courses

Resilience is one of the most powerful tools we have in our personal wellbeing ‘toolkit’. It helps us to respond to the pressures of our everyday lives and to ‘bounce back’ when things get tough. Resilience is a particularly protective factor in the veterinary profession, where we know that veterinary professionals display higher than average rates of depression and anxiety, and that sadly vets are at an increased risk of suicide.

  • Do you know how resilient you are, and how your resilience levels impact on you in the workplace?
  • Have you ever thought about what’s in your personal resilience toolkit, and what could you add to it?
  • Do you know how to build upon your resilience levels, to protect yourself from symptoms of stress and mental ill-heath?

We’ve teamed up with BSAVA to deliver a series of FREE resilience training courses with a variety of resilience training providers throughout the UK.

  • Friday 1 February – Belfast – Mary Bannon, PIPS
  • Wednesday 13 February – Newtown, Powys – Barry Lewis, JW Training
  • Tuesday 26 February – Edinburgh – Samaritans
  • Early March (Date TBC) – London – Work Psychology Group

2019 dates

Friday 18 January – A series of webinars focusing on veterinary wellbeing:

  • 7pm – 7.30pm: Qualified accountant and wellbeing advisor Jo Stevens will present ‘How to stay positive in a negative world’.
  • 30pm – 8pm: Positive psychologist and professional wellbeing coach will present ‘How thinking positively makes life easier’.
  • 8pm – 8.30pm: Leadership coach and trainer Anne-Marie Svendsen-Aylott will talk about ‘Understanding the concept of “mindset” – a key to finding a more positive outlook.’
  • 30pm – 9pm: Dr Sara Tai, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manchester and Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, will be presenting ‘Living the life you want’.

Please also check our upcoming dates calendar for other scheduled sessions.

2018 dates

Thursday 13 December, 1pm – Mind Matters & RCVS joint webinar ”I know it’ll be good for me tomorrow”: physical activity, the elixir that’s just around the corner

This webinar explores what is commonly known about the positive relationship between physical activity and psychological wellbeing and mental health, including details of exercise ‘dose’ and intensity.

2017 round-up

2017 was a very busy year and were delighted to hold the following courses:

Mental Health Awareness training

These sessions were held at the VetsNorth and VetsSouth events.


We ran a series of full-day courses jointly with BSAVA, for whose support we are very grateful.

The courses were held in Basingstoke, Welshpool, Cambourne, Chester, Derby, Gatwick, Wetherby, Glasgow, Omagh and London.

Mental health for managers courses

We joined forces with the Veterinary Practice Management Association (VPMA) to design a course to help those in a management role in a veterinary practice or other veterinary workplace to support colleagues with mental health issues. The courses were held in the following locations: Hazlewood, Neath, Edinburgh, Bradbury, Kilmington, Brentwood, Bromsgrove Warrington, Romsey and Newmarket.

Mindfulness and sleep webinar series

The Webinar Vet have kindly hosted a number of webinars led by Dr Mike Scanlan.

Mindfulness Expertise Webinars

In 2016 we held our first ‘Mindfulness Expertise series’. This series of eight webinars was designed using approved therapeutic techniques to train you to deal with stress in an effective and simple way.

Following the very positive feedback and popularity of the first series, we held a follow-up course in 2017.

You can catch up with both courses on by clicking on the links below:

Mindfulness Expertise Series 2016

Mindfulness Expertise Series 2017

Sleep Series

In 2017 we held ‘Sleep Series’. This six-part course was aimed at helping people working in the veterinary profession to understand more about sleep, to worry less about sleep and to feel less tired and bothered about the effect that sleep problems have on their lives. By the end of the course most people will be experiencing improved functioning and will be more relaxed and content. The course was based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy principles. ACT has a very good evidence base for helping people with sleep pre-occupation disorders and insomnia.

You can catch up with the course by clicking on the link below:

Sleep Series 2017

For information on course prices please see the relevant Webinar Vet page.